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Bitcoin like a Braaimaster

Hosted by BraaiBoy 

Educating people on what crypto is, and how they can get involved

Bitcoin like a Braaimaster aims to educate everyone on the ins and outs of crypto-currencies. Hosted by the legendary BraaiBoy, you can expect a thing or two about preparing some delicious meals along the way! As he describes it – If he flips burgers for a living and understands crypto, then so can you!

Bitcoin like a Braaimaster: Episode 1

Let’s talk about Cryptocurrencies

In this Pilot episode, Braaiboy discusses what you can expect to see in upcoming episodes. The series will cover topics like The history of cryptocurrencies, What are altcoins? What are NFTs? What are blockchains? How to make money through cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrencies and gaming and so much more!

Bitcoin like a Braaimaster: Episode 2

Why should you invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Welcome back to another episode of Bitcoin like a Braaimaster! In this episode, we will be discussing exchanges, how to get your money (Rands, Dollars, Euros etc.) into cryptocurrency and finally how tax comes into play. We also take a look at a dirty steak, which is where you cook your steak directly on the coals of the fire!

Bitcoin like a Braaimaster: Episode 3

How to make FREE money by using crypto faucets

In this episode, Braaiboy explains how to get free money/crypto by using crypto faucets such as Cointiply. But what if you don’t know what a crypto faucet is? That’s perfectly fine as Braaiboy not only teaches you what they are but how to use them effectively!

Bitcoin like a Braaimaster: Episode 4

How to make money with Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a collectible trading card game built on blockchain technology. It is a lot like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone where you build up a collection of cards and battle. You can battle other players in matches and tournaments. Each card is unique has different stats and abilities.

Bitcoin like a Braaimaster: Episode 5

How to make money through Blog Posts on Hive

We all spend time on social media, reading blog posts and watching videos – But what if you could make money while watching videos and reading blogs? Well that is exactly what Braaiboy will be discussing in this video. How to make money by doing the exact same things you are already doing every day!

Bitcoin like a Braaimaster: Episode 6

How to earn second layer tokens on HIVE

In the previous episode, Braaiboy explained how to make money through blog posts on Hive – In this episode, we dive deeper into Hive as well as second layer tokens. So, if you are wanting to learn about different types of tokens and how you can use them to make money, then this is the perfect episode for you!