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Smoke, Mirrors & Makeup

Hosted by Bronwen Kilian 

Turning imagination into reality through practical effects and makeup

Smoke, Mirrors & Makeup is an SFX Makeup, prosthetics and practical effects show hosted by artist Bronwen Kilian. If you want to see the truly unique and baffling come to life then you have come to the right place!

Smoke, Mirrors & Makeup: Episode 5

The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-man is one of the most iconic heroes of all time, and a big contributing factor to that is his unique look. In this video, Bronwen brings the legendary superhero to life with an incredibly unique makeup look!

Smoke, Mirrors & Makeup: Episode 4

The Grinch

With the Christmas season coming to a close there is no more suitable makeup look to end on than THE GRINCH! This notorious Christmas character has become a staple of modern Christmas celebrations. In this makeup tutorial, Bronwen will break down this iconic look and give tips and tricks that can be applied to a variety of different styles.

Smoke, Mirrors & Makeup: Episode 3

The Elf that fell off the shelf

The Christmas theme continues with Bronwen’s Elf that fell off the shelf makeup look! Bringing in more prosthesis and gore this look is the most complex that has been displayed on the show so far! If you enjoy Christmas, but also a little gore, then this is the episode for you!

Smoke, Mirrors & Makeup: Episode 2

The Nutcracker

Continuing with our Christmas Makeup theme, Bronwen Kilian tackles the colorful look of The Nutcracker. With so much color in this specific look, Bronwen faces new challenges such as shading and contrast. What did you think of this colorful Christmas Nutcracker?

Smoke, Mirrors & Makeup: Episode1

Dead Done Reindeer

In this pilot episode, Bronwen Kilian starts off our Festive Christmas Season with “Dead Done Reindeer.” If you enjoy this episode, then make sure to subscribe as Bronwen will be creating a whole series around Christmas-themed Makeup.