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The One on One Project

With Amogelang-Lefa Molapo

One story and one conversation at a time.

The One on One Project is a sport based platform that creates a safe space for people from all journeys of life to engage and to speak on all things sports and real life in the most liberating and unscripted way. The heartbeat of The One on One Project is that engaging in differing perspectives and opinions that come with the multifaceted world of sports does not only ignite an opportunity for informative and thought-provoking conversations to take place but it creates spaces for growth in knowledge and understanding of what the world of sports is in fact all about.

The One on One Project believes in the power of a story, a conversation and we believe that we can change the world of sports in Africa in the most incredible way – one story and one conversation at a time.

The One on One Project: Episode 1

In conversation with Amogelang-Lefa | “The Catch Up”

In this unconventional episode, which acts as both a return and a pilot for “The One on One Project” Amogelang-Lefa explains why she took a break from recording, as well as what we can expect in the coming episodes. Amo discusses her emotional battles and life in this heart-to-heart episode.

The One on One Project: Episode 2

Are Algorithms replacing Athletes

Are algorithms replacing athletes? Join Amogelang-Lefa and Nikhil Ranchod as they dive into answering this question and exploring all things sports and the future of technology, the pros and cons of the evolution of technology in sports and everything else in between!

The One on One Project: Episode 3

Is sport an artform?

Sport and art seem so incredibly different with very VERY little in common at surface level, but in this incredibly engaging episode of The One On One Project Amo and her guest break down the similarities between the two and ask themselves the question… Is sport an artform?