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The Viral Wellness – Season 1

Hosted by Cameron Scott & Kagiso Rabada

Spreading wellness in the community

The Viral Wellness is a show hosted by Kagiso Rabada and Cameron Scott. Its main focus is spreading wellness through the “viral” reach potential of social media. The show covers all topics related to the topic of wellness, and past episodes have gone into talks with industry leaders around Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, Mental Wellness, Economic Wellness and more.

With special episodes on topics like Black Lives Matter, Children in Society and Philosophy, The Viral Wellness truly is a useful tool to repel the negative effects spurned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Viral Wellness: Episode 10

Are We Failing Our Children

Greeting beloved listeners, we’re back! Don’t you love our new workflow? We really hope you listened to our last episode on Gender-based violence? It needs to stay on our radar as does this next topic, our final episode for our first season!

The Viral Wellness: Episode 9

War On Women

We’re tackling the scourge of Gender-Based Violence, assessing the weighted statement by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa about the men of the country waging a “war on women” in the instances of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) due to its prevalence in the country, a sad sad reality.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 6

Education: The Evolution

The very fact that you are reading this description is because you are literate, an extremely important skill to have. We are sure you agree. As The Viral Wellness, we asked ourselves the question, “How important it is for the economy that we produce students who are literate, both in the world and in particular South Africa?”

The Viral Wellness: Episode 5

Environment: New Environmentalists

It’s fair to say that without natural resources there would be no human existence, and one has to wonder if we as humans realise the importance nature plays in our our lives. We spoke to Peggy Liu, the chairperson of JUCCCE about the importance of going green and what it means for our environment.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 4

Media Wellness: Fake news, its a real thing.

The news is mightily important in order for the community to remain informed and up to date with current affairs that are integral in the wellbeing of our lives. the news brings us all sorts of topics, from politics to economics and right through to sports. at the current moment there has been an influx in news on, yes you guessed it, the corona virus.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 3

Mental Health: Infection Depression

It’s been one week into lockdown, and we know that the cabin fever might be hitting, the family may be getting on your nerves, or you might be starting to feel the effects of isolation. This special episode exists to empower you to better understand how to stay mentally well and what you might expect from this time.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 2

Economy: The Economic Plague

We know many people will be concerned and confused about the economic implications of a national lockdown and self-isolation, to combat this and empower you with the insight we’ve worked hard to bring you this segment on the economy.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 1

Health: A COVID-19 Crash course

Please note that this talk was recorded on the 17th of March, 2020 and the episode was edited on the 23rd of March, 2020. All statistics since then have been subject to change and we encourage you to stay up to date. We’d like to offer a huge thanks to Dr. Noluthando Nematswerani and Discovery for facilitating this talk. 

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