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The Viral Wellness – Season 2

Hosted by Cameron Scott & Kagiso Rabada

Spreading wellness in the community

The Viral Wellness returns with Season 2! Hosted by Kagiso Rabada and Cameron Scott. Its main focus is spreading wellness through the “viral” reach potential of social media. The show covers all topics related to the topic of wellness, and past episodes have gone into talks with industry leaders around Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, Mental Wellness, Economic Wellness and more.

The Viral Wellness – Season 2 on YouTube

The Viral Wellness: Episode 19

Black Lives Matter – Part 2

Cameron Scott and Kagiso Rabada respond to some of the feedback they received from the first BLM episode whilst setting their sights to the topics of Farm Murders.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 18

Digital University

This week we step into the world of online learning and formal schooling with not one but two guests. Karen Walstra and Colin Northmore help us explore the potential of E-Learning, how CoVid has adapted the teaching landscape as well as the value of individualized learning.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 17

Starting Up within the Digital Economy

This week we step into the world of online shopping and E-Commerce with the help of one of the most trailblazing figures within the space Mashudu Modau. Join us as we explore topics like freelancing, hustle culture and opening your own store within the digital space.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 16

Kids & KG: Junior Wellness Edition

As the adage goes children are our future, and in today’s episode they take center and stage as we got to know about how they’ve been within Co-Vid. Anchored by our beloved cricketer, this is a fun episode in which we get to see things from a kid’s point of view

The Viral Wellness: Episode 15

Black Lives Matter Discussion

This is a different kind of episode. A frank conversation between our Viral Wellness hosts about their relationship with Black Lives Matter and what it means. This aims to be the start of a deeper conversation into these waters as they seek to better understand the depths of it and how they may want to go about addressing it.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 14

Stress Management & Mental Health

Lockdown has brought about unique stress to our lives and mental health. Mental Health continues to be a topic that is both prevalent yet underserved and within this episode we aim to explore it further as well as look into some of the studies being conducted on Co-Vid within these times.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 13

Don’t Budget Up

We are just over halfway through the year and four months into lockdown, and a lot has been happening to our economy. This episode finds us analyzing the supplemental budget speech and doing an economic health check to give us an idea of what to expect for the 2nd half of the year.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 12

Thy food be thy medicine and medicine will be thy food

Food is personal, food is comfort and food is health. In this episode of The Viral Wellness, we unpack the world of food and nutrition to figure out what the current state of our nutrition is and how you can approach dieting with a healthy mindset.

The Viral Wellness: Episode 11

Physical Wellness: What Would Kagiso Rabada Do?

This episode of The Viral Wellness finds us entering the world of exercise and physical activity; exploring it’s benefits, drawbacks as well as ways to approach exercise within our current pandemic.

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