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The Weekly Fandomentals – Season 1 (Part 2)

With Caleb Janssens & Zaid Motala

Bringing you the latest local & international Geek News!

The Weekly Fandomentals follows Caleb Janssens & Zaid Motala discussing all the latest news and trends in the geeky sphere! From conventions and events to the latest cinematic releases, all topics are covered here!

The Weekly Fandomentals – Season 1 on YouTube

The Weekly Fandomentals: Short Episode

The Weekly Fandomentals @ Comic Con Africa Morbius Event

Caleb Janssens and Zaid Motala have a brief discussion about their expectations of Morbius!

The Weekly Fandomentals: Episode 26

The rules second-hand sellers should follow

In a follow-up to their episode about Facebook Marketplace sellers, Caleb Janssens and Zaid Motala talk about second-hand sellers and the dos and don’ts that both the seller and buyer should follow! Have you had any horror stories while buying second-hand items? Let us know!

The Weekly Fandomentals: Episode 25

How to look after your collectibles

Collecting collectibles, comics, action figures and statues is a growing activity in the geek community of South Africa, but how can you ensure that your collections stay in pristine condition? In this episode, Zaid Motala and Caleb Janssens give a few tips and tricks on how you can look after your Funko Pops, Comic Books, Statues and Action FIgures.

The Weekly Fandomentals: Episode 24

Understanding Statue and Action Figure Scaling

If you are in the world of collecting action figures, toys or statues then you have probably seen scales like 1:16, 1:6, 1:4 or even 1:1. In this video, Zaid Motala will explain exactly what these scales mean, and how you can use them to organize your collectibles and collections.

The Weekly Fandomentals: Episode 23

The Death of Cinema

Cinemas and movie houses have had a rather rough stretch since 2020 with the rise of streaming platforms and the covid lockdown. Cinemas are slowly starting to recover but is it too late? Are cinemas doomed to go the way of the theatre and stage productions? Or is “going to the movies” something that everyone cherishes and will ensure the survival of movie houses?

The Weekly Fandomentals: Episode 22

Accessibility in South Africa

South Africa is home to a large number of geeks and gamers, however, there is one thing that continues to frustrate every individual of the community and that is accessibility. In this episode Caleb Janssens and Zaid Motala discuss Accessibility in South Africa, import tax and just the general difficulty of getting merch for your favourite properties in South Africa.

The Weekly Fandomentals: Episode 21

Comics 101

Caleb Janssens and Zaid Motala return to discuss something close to every geeks heart – Comics! In this episode of The Weekly Fandomentals the duo discusses the difference between comic books and graphic novels, micro and macro comics. Zaid also discusses how you can identify a comics reprint number and variant cover!

The Weekly Fandomentals: Episode 20

Gaming & Gender

The Weekly Fandomentals Duo of Caleb Janssens and Zaid Motala are joined once again by Daniella Mosca (Psycadillo) and Catherine Clark (Cataria) to discuss the evolving landscape of gaming and the inclusion of women in this growing environment.

The Weekly Fandomentals: Episode 19

Cosplay IS NOT Consent

In this 50 minute special episode of The Weekly Fandomentals, Caleb Janssens and Zaid Motala are joined by established South African Cosplayers Psycadillo and Cataria to discuss the topic of Cosplay and Consent. During this crucial discussion, the group will talk about topics like harassment, precautions, interactions and respect. This is an eye-opening episode that will change your perspective on the everyday life of cosplayers in South Africa.

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