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Untitled Gaming Project

With Caleb Janssens & Cameron Scott

Keeping you up to date with the gaming scene!

Untitled Gaming Project follows Caleb Janssens & Cameron Scott breaking down everything a gamer needs to know! From the latest gaming news to reviews and releases – All gaming content is covered here!

Untitled Gaming Project – Season 1 on YouTube

Untitled Gaming Project – Episode 6

Let’s talk about STAR WARS Games!

STAR WARS and gaming go hand in hand like salt and pepper! You simply cannot have one without the other! With over 100 licensed STAR WARS games RaxisPrime and Fourth Street Samurai discuss some of their favorites.

Untitled Gaming Project – Episode 5

The downfall of Bethesda

Bethesda was once on top of the gaming world with games released to critical and commercial success – But those days quickly faded as the studio continued to release sub-par games and make business decisions that frustrated fans. Where will Bethesda go next? How can they recover?

Untitled Gaming Project – Episode 4

The greatest video games ever made

In today’s exciting episode RaxisPrime, Fourth Street Samurai and Candy Candy all discuss their favorite video games! The likes of The Last Of Us, Mass Effect 2 and Metal Gear Solid are all present here!

Untitled Gaming Project – Episode 3

UBUNTULAND – The first Metaverse in Africa

NFTs, Cryptocurrencies and now the Metaverse are all beginning to change the online landscape. Africarare is pioneering this new age in Africa with the launch of Ununtuland. It’s a place of creativity, exponential technology and innovation, through which we’re unlocking Africa’s true potential by connecting this great continent to the heart of the digital economy.

Untitled Gaming Project – Episode 2

Is Call of Duty at risk of dying?

Call of Duty is one of the biggest if not THE biggest video game franchises of all time, but many fans have been asking themselves the same thing – Is Call of Duty getting worse? Is Call of Duty going to die? RaxisPrime and Fourth Street Samurai discuss this and all things Call of Duty in this episode!

Untitled Gaming Project – Episode 1

Why you NEED to play Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has received more than its fair share of hate and controversy, but maybe, with the latest update, it’s time to give Cyberpunk 2077 a chance? This latest update addresses many of the shortcomings and glitches of the original release and aims to bring CD Projekt Reds’ original vision for the game to life.

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